Sandwich open hand repair platform PP spray booth independent filter element recovery system

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Features of Sandwich Single-stage Filter Recovery and Quick Color Change Spray Room System:

The spray booth adopts a sandwich structure made of PP or PVC engineering plastic panels, which is antistatic, does not absorb powder, and reduces powder consumption.

It adopts the automatic turning plate aerator pulse cleaning device to reduce the accumulation of powder in the spray booth, and it is recycled and reused in time.

Open external hand replenishment platform operation, large working range, convenient operation, good viewing angle, powder does not get on the face and spills.

Imported nano-coated filter element can capture dust above 0.3 microns, effectively filter environmentally friendly emissions, and achieve internal drainage.

The filter is designed with a changeable color filter element package structure.

If the space is sufficient, 2-3 filter packs can be installed for quick replacement of 2-3 colors.

Equipped with a quick color change for the powder center, the color change time can be controlled at about 20 minutes.

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