Stainless steel spray booth small cyclone plus filter element recovery system

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The main advantages of the small cyclone separator:

1 Early large cyclones have low recovery rates and small cyclones have high separation rates and are widely used.

2 The overall structure of the small cyclone is small in size, takes up a small space, and adapts to a wide range of environments.

Sandwich fast color change spray booth small cyclone plus filter element recovery system Features:

1 Single powder separation rate can reach 97% and above, saving powder

2 The spray booth adopts a sandwich structure of PP or PVC, which is antistatic, does not absorb powder, and reduces powder consumption.

3 Adopt the automatic turning plate aerator pulse cleaning device to reduce the accumulation of powder in the spray booth and recycle it in time.

4 Open external hand repair platform operation, large operating range, convenient operation, good viewing angle, powder does not get on the face and spills.

5 The imported nano-coated filter element can capture dust above 0.3 microns, effectively filter environmentally friendly emissions, and achieve internal drainage.

6 It is suitable for the production environment with many color changes, installation site width and limited height.

7 The color change time can be controlled within 30 minutes.

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