PP spray room double recovery system for sandwich external hand repair platform (multifunctional luxury 2 in 1)
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DRS automatic switching dual recovery spray booth system is suitable for industry products that use 1-2 main colors and multiple variegated colors in the same spray booth: such as spraying in refrigerators, ceilings, air conditioners, fitness equipment and other industries.


The main color 1-2 colors can use the filter element recovery system, and the two colors can be quickly changed by replacing the filter element pack, and all the powders are recycled.

The variegated colors are separated and recycled by a large cyclone, and the filter element is filtered and discharged, which can be adapted to spraying operations of various colors.

It adopts a fully automatic numerical control pipe conversion device, and the conversion of the recycling system can be completed by pressing the touch screen button.

After cleaning the powder sieve and powder supply system and spraying room, through conversion, the physical partition of the structure will not cause cross-color problems.

The all-around 2 in 1 double recovery system saves equipment investment costs, reduces the occupation of workshop space and staffing.

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