Wheel hub PVC sandwich cyclone plus filter recovery system (multi-color base powder)

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main application:
The wheel hub is sprayed with powder, two coatings in one line, first the base powder is multi-colored, and then the flour (transparent powder) is bright;


The spray booth is made of PVC material, which has good hardness and resistance to mushrooms and has a good effect of removing static electricity.

Adopt American Donaldson high-precision coated filter element, which has good filtering and cleaning effect.

Because the transparent flour powder is a low-temperature powder, the powder has high viscosity, fineness, and easy agglomeration. Therefore, in the sifting machine, we choose Shangde Chuang to use an ultrasonic sifter, which can screen up to 160 meshes, which can effectively prevent the powder from agglomerating and blocking the sieve.

The exhaust air of the fan needs to be discharged outside to reduce the temperature of the isolation room and the filter. The air conditioner is installed to keep the internal temperature not exceeding 28 degrees to prevent the powder from agglomerating and clogging on the filter element.

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