Robot application spray system

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The magic quick color change spray booth system shortens the traditional 60-minute color change time to 10-15 minutes. The system equipment must meet the following conditions:

1. Sandwich structure spray booth, inner arc corner, full plastic bottom and automatic air knife cleaning device on both sides;

2. The outer port of the automatic gun slot is equipped with an automatic gun barrel air blowing cleaning device, and the gun barrel is a quick-cleaning gun barrel.

3. The reciprocating machine can automatically move out during color changing and cleaning. This process is the self-cleaning action of the automatic spray gun and the barrel.

4. Equipped with a quick color-changing powder supply center to realize automatic back-blowing cleaning of the powder tube of the powder pump of the one-button spray gun.

5. Equipped with 2-3 PP powder supply buckets to reduce the cleaning time of the powder buckets (this item can be saved when equipped with an integrated closed fast powder supply center)

6. Squeeze valve type powder conveying method, no dead angle in the pipeline, fast and clean when back blowing.

7. The quick-cleaning cyclone separator, the cone is made of mirror stainless steel, and is equipped with a micro-vibration motor to avoid powder sticking to help fast recovery.

8. The program design of the whole system should be scientific and reasonable, and the operation should be simple and clear.

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