Digital lifting reciprocating machine

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The external structure of the motor reducer is adopted, which is convenient for inspection and maintenance. Compared with the old-style structure, it effectively avoids the damage of the motor and the reducer caused by the accumulation of powder inside.

Adopt all imported brand accessories, such as Siemens motor, Italian Citi or Modo Valeo reducer, Japan Mitsubishi inverter, etc.

The small frame adopts 18 PU wheels and 36 imported bearings, which is stable, smooth and durable.

The fully-sealed structure design has a good dust-proof effect and effectively prevents the sliding track from damaging the pulley assembly due to powder accumulation and unevenness.

It adopts synchronous wheel transmission mode, which runs more smoothly and has low noise (relative to chain gear).

Equipped with aluminum alloy precision plus fixing seat, gun clip, stainless steel quick-clear gun barrel, tank chain.

The two-dimensional forward and backward tracking reciprocating machine adopts servo drive, screw drive, high precision and stable operation.

The two-dimensional longitudinal tracking reciprocating machine adopts high-energy vector frequency conversion control, synchronous wheel transmission, fast return speed and stable tracking. 

Automatic synchronous tracking spraying reciprocating machine
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technical parameter
Voltage AC220 V Schneider switch
power 0.75/1.5 KW Siemens Motor
Lifting height
0-2500 mm Omron Code
Lifting speed
75〜750 mm/S SITI gearbox
35-45 KG According to the number of spray guns
Commutation time
0.6 s Mitsubishi inverter
Protection function
Electronic switch limit
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