Workpiece width recognition automatic tracking spraying reciprocating machine

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This reciprocating machine is mainly used for automatic spraying of special positions such as the inner cavity of the cabinet and the inner ring of the hub.
The reciprocating machine can automatically adjust the reciprocating distance of the spray gun according to the height of the sprayed workpiece.
It adopts programmable PLC intelligent control system, vector variable frequency drive control system, synchronous wheel belt transmission device, etc.
Operation interface in Chinese and English mode.
Automatic synchronous tracking spraying reciprocating machine
主要内容 技术参数 单位 配置
电压 AC220 V 施耐德开关
功率 0.75/1.5 KW 西门子电机
升降高度 0-2000 mm 欧姆龙编码
升降速度 75-750 mm/S 摩托华利奥波箱
左右行程 0-1500 mm 可调,可设定
跟踪速度 75〜600 mm/S 同步轮传动
载重 55 KG 上银重载
换向时间 0.6 S 三菱矢量变频
保护机能 电子开关限位 施耐德
设备尺寸 2100*750*2800 mm 长*宽*高
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